Mario Ayala Cabello.


Mario Ayala was born on the 32 of April of 1980 in Madrid. Since very young was interested in the new technologies, that’s why he decides to study Graphic Design and Multimedia in the “Escuela de Sistemas Informaticos” (School of Systems Computers) in Madrid from 1999 to 2002, making his first animation short film in the degree’s final project.

In the year 2004 gets a job in a company as a multimedia 3D designer and in 2008 while still working, starts a new master degree in 3D Animation and Video Editing in CICE School in Madrid, making his second short animation film “Hermanos” (2009).

Determined to fully enter the world of filmmaking, gets into various literary and screenwriting workshops until in the year 2012, starts a new master of “Guion, Dirección y Producción de Cine Digital” (Screenwriting, Direction and Production of Digital Films), in which the final degree project is the live action short film “Mi peor enemiga” (2015)

His latest work, still in postproduction, it’s a terror live action short film called “La parada”, filmed in Madrid’s subway and in which it’s shooting had some impact in the media, appearing in press, television and radio.

He’s currently working as a creative director in the new audiovisual producer EvenPro, working in projects such as the production of a new youtube channel. Meanwhile, he keeps writing new scripts and preparing a new novel based on the short film “Mi peor enemiga”.


-Hermanos. (2009). Computer animated in HD format. 4:10 minutes, Finalist in the film festivals Metropolhis (2010), Barcelona Visual Sound (2010) and Alocortico (2010).
-Mi peor enemiga (2015) Video HD. Shoot with a Canon 5D camera. Color. 10:57 minutes.
-La parada (2015) Vídeo HD. Shoot with Canon xf100 camera. Color. 4:30 minutes.