Lara is a teenage girl that’s being tormented with insults and contempt by someone close to her, her roommate. This will cause Lara to develop a complex about her body, believing that she is fat.Throwing up, harsh diets and humiliations will be Lara’s day to day, to the point of attempting to commit suicide.

Food, that mass of calories and fat, will destroy Lara’s sanity. Only Lara’s classmate, Manu, will help her escape from that hell.

Lara finally manages to set up a date with Manu, evading the girl’s watchful eye. Since they are late for the movies, Manu suggests going to dinner. In the restaurant Lara will face off against her nightmare: the food. But this doesn’t end here, her worst enemy has followed her.

Will Lara be able to face her and break the chain that binds them?

Will love overcome the disease?